Monday, July 2, 2007

were there every really any, though?

i ADORE this themesong...

...but let us examine these lyrics, shall we?

"just lookin' out of the window, watchin' the asphalt grow

thinkin' how it all looks hand-me-down


keepin' your head above water, makin a wave when you can

temporary layoffs--


easy credit rip-offs--


scratchin' and survivin'


hangin' and a-jivin'


aint we lucky we got em?

GOOD TIMES! aaaaahhhh. yeah."

hmmm...ok...really? those were good times? the time when wanda had to eat cat food cause she couldnt afford to pay her rent, good times? when j.j. got shot. good times? when penny got burned with the iron. good times? when that blind dude ripped off the evans' with that encyclopedia scheme? good times?

member when michael failed that test cause it was made for white kids? good times?

member when thelma had that crackhead friend who would get high/drunk in their bathroom? good times?

and speaking of the bathroom. i could never figure out where everyone slept. cause what i saw were two doors. one door led to the parents' room. and one led to the bathroom. was thelma's room supposed to be on the other side of the bathroom? did you have to go to the bathroom, then go through a secret passageway to get to her room? im just sayin.

and wilona. gotta love wilona. i wish when i came over to my friends house for a couple of minutes, they'd all clap for me when i left. that'd be hot.

and why did the mama always YELL her lines? and then her voice cracked at the end of each sentence?

i liked james though. he and wilona were the only ones who could act.

then they killed him.


good tiiiiiiiiimes! yeah.


Anonymous said...

Arlan, I came to you through your MySpace Daily Lesbian posts. It was Dog Food that Gurty (sp.) had to eat on Good Times. Also, they killed James off because John Amos was tired of the way that they made JJ out to be a buffoon (just like they objectified many a black character in those days). According to a blurb in Vibe a couple of years ago he continued to get into arguments with the writers (to the point of threatening their lives, if I remember correctly) about how poorly the scripts were written in regard to black life. So, after one of these arguments he was given his walking papers. From what I've read that's why Ester Roll left sometime after that. She only returned after they agreed to write JJ's character as less of a clown.

dc said...

you know what arlan... you're good times... but like, the actual for real good times.

love you!